liquid fulvic acid fertilizer companies
Xi’an Jiaoda Kaida New Technology Co.,Ltd
is a high-tech enterprise, was founded in 1992. Taking Xi'an Jiao Tong University as the main technical support, Kaida focus on researching, developing, producing and marketing the Micro-electronics and Agricultural organic fertilizer.
Kaida is the manufacturer which devoted to organic fertilizer such as the series humic acid solid and liquid fertilizer, potassium humate fertilizer, sodium humate fertilizer, bio-chemical fulvic acid power and liquid fertilizer, seaweed extract solid and liquid fertilizer, and amino acid fertilizer etc.
Kaida has six series high-activity chelating humic acid organic liquid fertilizers, it is researched and developed by our company independently, widely applied in rice, wheat, corn, and other grain crops , cotton, fruits, and vegetables, etc.
It’s proof of test and popularizing usage, the output of grain crop increased 15-20%, the output of melon and fruit increased 20-30%, the output of vegetables increased more than 30-50%, at the same time it can also improve the quality of agricultural products, to achieve the purpose of high production, high efficiency, and high quality, and be good for improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, increase the soil organic matter and increase the species and quantity of soil beneficial microbial, To realize green production of organic agricultural products, and to protect agricultural ecological environment, And also can make sustainable development of agricultural production means.
At present, we export the mentioned products very well to the international markets, Such as, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Greece, Australia, and some South American countries, etc. And get the good reputations from the farmers all over the World.Our company passed the ISO9001 and the IMO Organic certificate.
Kaida has been established perfect quality management guarantee system, and passed ISO9001, CE Certificate of EU, IMO Organic Certificate, REACH Pre-registration, and ROHS Detection Certificate.
KAIDA, with an exoteric attitude, is growing rapidly into an enterprise possessing international co-operations dedicated to the Organic fertilizers serving Organic Agriculture.liquid fulvic acid fertilizer companies