The importance of transistors
A transistor, whose real name is a semiconductor transistor, is a semiconductor device that internally contains two PN junctions, usually with three extraction electrodes on the outside. It has the functions of amplification and switching of electrical signals, and is widely used. Both the input stage and the output stage use a transistor logic circuit called a transistor-transistor logic circuit. In books and practical applications, it is simply referred to as a TTL circuit. It belongs to a type of semiconductor integrated circuit, and the most common one is TTL NAND gate. TTL NAND gate is a circuit system that consists of several transistors and resistors. It is fabricated on a small piece of silicon and packaged into a single component. Transistors are one of the most widely used devices in semiconductor transistors. Use "V" or "VT" (the old text symbol is "Q", "GB", etc.).

Transistors are considered to be one of the greatest inventions in modern history, and can be compared in importance to inventions such as printing, cars and telephones. Transistors are actually the key active components of all modern appliances. The importance of transistors in today's society is primarily due to the ability of transistors to be mass-produced using highly automated processes, which can incredibly achieve extremely low unit costs.

Although millions of single-cell transistors are still in use, most transistors are assembled with diodes |-{A|zh-cn:diodes;zh-tw:diodes}-, resistors, and capacitors On a microchip (chip) to make a complete circuit. Analog or digital or both are integrated on the same chip. The cost of designing and developing a complex chip is quite high, but when spread over a typical million production units, the price per chip is minimal. A logic gate contains 20 transistors, and in 2005 an advanced microprocessor used 289 million transistors.

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The transistor is the key active component in practically all modern electronics, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. custom assignment help |
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