Give me some story essay examples!
Hi friends. I am in a weak situation and I want help from your side. I am a college student and I have an essay writing task to submit next week. I want to submit a best paper and to get a better score in the task. Before that I want to know about story essay. I heard about essay and wrote many essays since from my school time itself. I do not know anything about story essays. So, I am so eager to know about this kind of essay. This is one type of essay and the task is based on that. I am not a student who loves writing task without the help of anyone else. I think the main reason is my poor writing skill. If we do not have good writing skill, then it will be affected your academic life badly. Today the education system gives more importance for the writing skill. So it would be difficult me if I am suffering from writing problems. I am very much confused with essay writing. Yes, I need to approach expert writers of cheap essay writing service who know the format on any kind of essay. One of my friend told me that, story essay writing is simple than other kinds of essay if you have good vocabulary and writing skill. In this essay we can write a detailed story about an experiment or whatever your topic. We need to write the essay within a clear point of view and it has structure of general essay. Yes, I am sure, I can understand more about it through reading lot; and can improve vocabulary as well. I know that, here many of you are in expert in essay writing. If you have any opinion or suggestion on it, please feel free to tell me. Also provide me some essay examples. It will be a great help for me to participate in the task. I hope that you guys will help me.
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